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Boudoir session – Vancouver

Stepping in front of the Lens

Some of you may remember Marecel, she used to be one of my makeup artists! That is, before she got on with the film industry full time. She is one of the most genuinely, sweet people I have had the pleasure to call my friend. You can imagine how excited I was when she booked herself an intimate lifestyle boudoir session with me and made the move of stepping in front of the lens!


“I’ve always wanted to do a shoot and since there’s a lull in the film industry right now, it was the perfect time! I ADORE Jessica Rae’s work and I knew she would capture “my best me”!
Though I grew up very conservatively, in my adult life, I am not shy when it comes to my body… but that doesn’t me I am always confident or satisfied with how I look. My photographs turned out so amazing and I definitely see a more confident me in them! I’m happy I decided to come out from behind the scenes and took a chance stepping in front of the lens with my own boudoir session.

I had no fear or hesitation in booking with Jessica Rae, I have seen her in action before. I’ll be honest, I felt a little awkward at first, I’m sure most people do, but definitely felt relaxed and empowered by the end of the session. My favourite part was seeing the end product! Being a makeup artist , it’s different being on the other side side of the lens but so rewarding. The proof is in the pudding. My images are STUNNING and Jessica is the absolute best at capturing feminine sexuality that speaks beauty and class. I just LOVE you, Jessica Rae and I loved my boudoir session!” – Marecel


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