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Dedication Payoff – Vancouver Boudoir Photography

After working hard on her personal health and fitness routine for 16 weeks leading up to her intimate lifestyle photoshoot, Miss N was still feeling nervous.
She worried about how to position her body and manage facial expressions… as well as feeling silly. These are common concerns with all my clients. You are not alone!

Let’s hear firsthand what Miss N had to say about her overall experience. Check out a few of her amazing images from her first session with me below!


“All of my worries disappeared with Jessica Rae’s expert coaching and calm disposition, and the fact that she obliged me when I preferred more anonymous body pics vs pics with my face! I feel that JR really knew what direction I wanted to go in and honoured it. Looking into her camera and seeing some of the shots she was getting was also helpful and visually informative for me.

Being in a safe studio space and working with a female photographer really helped me feel open and comfortable. Also being guided by Jessica Rae during the session, in terms of how to hold and position my body, was very helpful. After the shoot I felt very proud and invigorated by the overall experience, and was so happy that I was able to document my best shape in such an artistic and classy way – in addition to really pushing myself outside my comfort zone and trying something new and exciting. After the session I felt like a model – lol! Overall liberated, scared, and excited! The most significant feelings of pride and awe though came from sitting with Jessica Rae and my husband post shoot and seeing the INCREDIBLE photos of me she presented to us!”


I would say this experience was remarkable!  Worth every minute and penny. I’ve never looked so good! 

Can’t wait for session #2 hopefully a couples session… also looking forward to ordering a metal estate art piece.”


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