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Male Boudoir

Todd contacted the studio about doing some Male boudoir and explained that he’s been on a journey to improve his physical fitness. Boudoir can be many different things. It’s not always a pretty picture on a bed or in a tub. Those have their place, but this wasn’t it. The vision for this session was easy, just some simple tasteful Fine Art Nudes.

Before the session took place Todd and I met up in person to discuss the ideas for the session. He left excited and when he returned the back bedroom was cleared out of the usual lifestyle set and we were left with studio lights and him. What happened next was ART.

What Todd thought of the experience with Fine Art Nudes

I am so thrilled to have come across Jessica to take photos of me. She is very supportive and understanding. She has a way of getting you to try to push the boundaries of what you think about yourself, your body, and what would make a great picture.

Jessica was able to coax out some poses during the photo shoot that I never would have thought of trying, and they are some of my favorites. She has a unique ability to create poses where you end up looking natural, yet stunning!

When I initially planned on a photo shoot with Jessica, my expectation was to get a few nice pictures to give to my wife as a personal gift. What Jessica created was art that I would be proud to display on the walls of my home for others to enjoy as well. I left her studio thinking wow! The pictures look so incredible people might not even recognize me!

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Boudoir is for every BODY!

Something else I feel is worth mentioning in regards to this session is that Todd had reached out to a number of local photographers inquiring about a male boudoir and fine art nude session but was consistently turned away. They all replied with, “Sorry, we only work with women.”

Boudoir and intimate portraiture isn’t just for women. It is for every body! Regardless how you identify, you deserve to celebrate and embrace your body, beauty and journey. My door is always open. I encourage you to reach out if you feel an intimate portrait session may be something that would help you to tell your story.

Jessica Rae

Fine Art Nudes
Fine Art Nudes
Fine Art Nudes
Fine Art Nudes
Fine Art Nudes

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