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Artist Jessica Rae Maple Ridge Boudoir Photographer


I’m Jessica Rae, an intimate portrait / boudoir & editorial photographer. I strive to be a visionary; a story keeper, and a believer in the power of vulnerability. My alchemic mix of photography and soul resonates deep through a personal journey of uncovering my own beauty.

Artist Jessica Rae Abbotsford Boudoir Photography


My photography genre is really vulnerability. It’s beautiful to see the layers peel back when people are given a safe space to be authentic. Photography is really the business of creating sacred stories using photographs as the catalyst.

Self Portrait of Vancouver Boudoir Photographer Jessica Rae


I love watching people as they turn from awkward to empowered beauty, through loving their own bodies. I believe it’s the stories that emerge in a comfortable and safe session that remind us who we really are.

head shot of Jessica Rae

My Vision

I would rather be an hour early than 5 minutes late. I enjoy a good cup of tea with a splash of honey in the morning. I prefer wearing dresses to jeans (contrary to my younger years). If you know the lyrics to a song I think you should sing your heart out (even if you miss every note). I adore my 3 little boys – even when they drive me crazy. I am loyal to a fault. I am an artist at heart at my core: drawing, painting, sculpting, wood work. I’ve done them all. Photography for me means more than all the others combined. I am able to capture real, authentic, genuine LIFE! My goal is to help you to share and tell your story through my lens.

“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.”
― Amy Bloom

Boudoir Photographer Maple Ridge

I think it is so important for any photographer, but even more important for an intimate portrait / boudoir photographer to experience what it is like in their clients shoes. This is why I try to step in front of the lens as often as possible.

You might look at my photographs and think, well she just has so much confidence! Let me tell you… I am just as nervous, awkward and at times uncomfortable being so vulnerable in front of another human, let alone one that is documenting it with their camera! But the best advice I can offer is to just commit to the experience. Let go of your inhibitions and negative thinking. Trust the person you have agreed to letting capture you in such a raw state. The payoff is worth it.

This is not just a photo session it’s an experience like none other!


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