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I had the great pleasure of meeting and photographing the fabulous Ruby Roxx last week and oh what fun we had! She is just as beautiful inside as she is out. She is confident, vivacious, and rocks the heck outta her curves. I love it!
We did two different looks. One that was natural and soft, while the second one was bold, dramatic and steamy!
I asked her to tell us all a little about herself. So, grab a cuppa joe, sit back and get to know Ms. Ruby Roxx… and check out her hot and steamy images below!
Hair and Makeup provided by Master Stylist Kat


Tell us 5 things to describe you.

Happy, Fun loving, Hopeless Romantic, Curvy, Lover of Penguins

What inspires you?
EVERYTHING!  love, a sunny day, photos of my mom and grandma from when they were my age, vintage fashion, music, cooking, friends, curling up with a glass of wine and good conversion, family, the list goes on…

Tell us about your business.
I am a plus model and Editor in Chief of Beauty Mark Magazine, which is a new quarterly beauty and fashion magazine.

What wonderful things does your business offer?
Beauty Mark focuses on finding beauty in our differences and what makes us unique, rather than the idealized forms of beauty we see in most mainstream media.  I hope to show the world, through interviews, editorials, stories and more, that everyone is beautiful, and if we all looked the same, it would be such a boring world.  The things that make us unique, are the things that make us beautiful.

What is the best thing about being your own boss?
Being able to put my ideas out into the world without any one changing or editing them.

What challenges have you had to overcome?
As a plus model, I have gone through times where I wasn’t as confident as I am now.  I struggled with my weight until I realized that just because I am a size 12 doesn’t mean I am overweight or unhealthy.  It is what is comfortable for me.  I occasionally get called names on social media, or have rude comments written under photos, but I know, as long as I am happy with me, then it doesn’t matter what people think.

What is your favorite Indulgence?  Vintage dresses and lingerie.  I have a huge collection.  Far too much for just one person, but I just cant help myself!

How do you maintain a balance & de-stress?
 I have a bath every night (another indulgence).  I soak for at least 30 -60 min with either baby oil, a lush bathbomb, or bubbles.  It relaxes me, helps me fall asleep, and keeps my skin soft.  I try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, any less and I find it hard to function.
What are your future plans for your business such as growth or is it where you want it to be?
  I have loads of plans for both modeling and the magazine.  I am hoping to do some more traveling in 2015, to shoot, network, interview and more!  I have a book I fill with things I want to accomplish, and I dont think I will ever be done.  I am ok with that.  I cannot wait to see what surprises and adventures the future has in store for me!

Where can we find you?
facebook or
website or
twitter @Vanrubyroxx
instagram @Vanrubyroxx or @beautymarkmagazine



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