Scáthach – Published in Conceptual Magazine

I have been sitting patiently on this set for almost a year! It was suppose to be published, but that magazine just ceased to exist one day! So I waited till I found a magazine that it would fit into and finally I came across Conceptual Magazine and they just happened to be doing an issue with the most perfectly suited theme. High Fashion Tribal. Boom! (and they accepted women’s topless images – so grateful!)
This was the very first time I got to work with Charlene from Faye Tality Couture. She lent us the amazing body cage and accessories, as well as the 2nd outfit. It was the start to a beautiful friendship. I love that she just lives down the street from me, works great for last minute, impromptu photo shoots!|

Photographer: ArtistJessicaRae
Designer: Faye Tality Couture
Hair/Makeup: Marecel Daniel
Muse: Karilee 

* This post contains topless nudity *


Purachase your copy of Conceptual Magazine Issue 5  HERE


xoxox Artist Jessica Rae


Big thank you to Dana O’dell who wrote a short piece that was included in the publication


The birds stir up at her exhaled breath
It is her, the lone Warrior Queen
Her body is alive with the feel of earth and moss and bark
She breathes the air exhaled by those
Who walked before her
Now she remembers
why she is the Warrior Queen.
She lifts her face to the sun.
gathering light, brightening the darkest corners of the forest
as, she cries out.
A cry from generations past–that summons ravens and dragons
A cry that all those who love the darkness
should learn to remember.
Dana O’Dell © 2016
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