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I caught the travel bug later in life. 2.5 years of travel under my belt and I was just getting into the groove and then … Covid-19.
Stay at home orders – international borders closed. Here in BC, Canada we just hit Stage 3 (of 4) and only now have the green light to travel freely within our own province! They still are not encouraging inter provincial travel let alone international.

My heart is heavy as 2020 would have seen me venture to another continent. Australia and New Zealand, I will get there eventually. I can promise you that!

However, this is the world we live in now. The “new normal” as they like to say in the media. So for now I will go through travel photos and share with you many that I haven’t yet made the time to share before. So, you could say, that some good is coming from this “new normal” *wink*

My favourite part of traveling with my BFF Aroha, who is also my partner in Coastal Collective Photo Education, is that she is up for adventuring! Getting in the car and traveling 4 hours EACH WAY just to hit an epic landmark and location. And lucky for us we always seem to meet other like minded and incredible humans that are willing to get in front of our lens.

Meet, Soloman.

This young man would make any mama proud. He’s an amazing, caring, compassionate man and a devoted single father. He called me ma’am and I ain’t mad about it. He commands attention when he’s in front of my lens but there is also a softness and vulnerability to him that I was honoured to capture.


Las Vegas – Death Valley – Bad Water Basin circa 2019

Are you looking for an experience to help you document or navigate your story, that will provide you with powerful lifelong visuals to accompany your legacy?
I invite you to reach out and connect with me <3 I look forward to photographing you.

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