We’re Back! First Session Post Covid-19 lock down

3 months.

3 VERY long months of not being able to photograph other humans (selfies don’t count ha!)

There is a part of me that is very grateful for the pause. The slower pace of life suits me just fine!
But not being able to fill my creative cup is definitely detrimental to my mental health. I’ve missed it beyond measure.
Even after my surgery Nov 2018 I didn’t go this long without picking up my camera and creating art!

My last client session was March 9, 2020 – on March 13, 2020 we were given stay at home orders in BC

I relished in the slower pace for a time. No deadlines. Less Stress – in some ways, I mean, lets be honest, a pandemic is stressful!

But I missed my clients. I missed the human interaction. I missed creating art and helping people to document their stories, their triumphs, their traumas.
All of it!

Even though I missed it THAT much, I hesitated when they gave us the green light to open our studio doors and resume business.

These are uncertain times and I didn’t want to be foolhardy.

So myself and my team have been working diligently behind the scenes. Working on new protocols and safety measures.
Ensuring that your well being, as well of that of my teams and my own, are paramount.

If you have been in the studio before for an intimate portrait session you will notice a few changes.

The one I am most sad about is there will be no more hugs to end our sessions. Just a virtual high 5 or toe tap moving forward.

I will be wearing a mask during our time together – as will you, in some capacity, at times. We both wear them during consultations and sales appointments.

We will be providing a sanitized bin for you to place your personal affects in.

You will be required to fill out a covid-19 questionnaire before your session.

And there is so much you will not see! Like all the deep cleaning and sterilizing that will take place before and after your photo session.

But it’s official as of July we are OPEN FOR BUSINESS and I am beyond excited.

June is for dusting off the cobwebs and working out kinks and establishing new covid-19 protocols and for that I invited my friend Nicole Ashley in for a session.

Nicole is always ready, often last minute, to come into the studio and help me test out a new idea or set. I am so grateful for friends like her.

Needless to say I am OVER THE MOON with the art we created together and I am even MORE excited to open my doors back up to clients in July!

I cannot wait to photograph you!!!

Jessica Rae

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