What to do when you have to #StayTheFuckHome

As a portrait photographer, who relies on working with fellow humans to create Art, it would seem that with the current situation of the world that we are shit outta luck on that front. No more ART?!!! Well, here is the thing with us artists – we are a creative bunch! When faced with a challenge we, more often than not, excel!

Leave it to my friend Teri Hofford Photography to do just that. What do we do when we cannot connect in person with our clients and muses? We turn to technology and make the best out of the situation at hand. I bring you – VIRTUAL PHOTO SESSIONS!

This pandemic we are currently facing with Covid-19 will not stop us!

It’s a simple concept but quite the challenging feat!

Zoom, Skype, Facetime – as long as you and your subject have a web camera (be it on a phone or your desktop) you can make ART together!

Check out Teri’s awesome tutorial on how to conduct these sessions, which tools are most ideal and how to have fun and get creative in during this unique time in our all our lives. https://bit.ly/3a47Qk6 – don’t stress if money is tight, it’s a mere $10 and it’s worth 10x that in my opinion.

I’ve had the honour of photographing 3 of my friends for these Virtual Sessions with more on the horizon. It feels AH-MAZ-ING to create again! – not to mention how great it feels to connect and commiserate over video with people I love and miss.


  • Nicole Hilfman

    Wow, that’s great you’re still able to work like this! I’d love to do a shoot with you. I need some seductive photos for my new online career. I have a new webcam and am working on setting everything up right now. Let me know how soon you think we can do this.

    April 29, 2020 at 12:13 pm

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